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The transmission is one of the most important parts on your car, allowing your engine to deliver power and efficiency at any speed. Transmissions are designed with an array of gears that engage and disengage as required by the speed and load conditions. The clutch is the component that connects the engine to the transmission, allowing gear changes and transmission disconnection when the car stops so the engine can continue to idle without stalling. Issues with the transmission can make your vehicle hard or even impossible to drive.


Automatic transmission remove the need to shift gears manually, allowing the driver to focus on speed and steering. Major automatic transmission components include the planetary gearset, a hydraulic system, a torque converter and an electronic control unit. Automatic transmissions are complex mechanical and electronic systems with many moving parts and extensive routine maintenance needs. At SWFL Experts Automotive we specializes in inspecting, servicing, and repairing automatic transmissions in all types of vehicle..


The clutch allows your car’s engine and transmission to be disconnected for gear shifts and also allows your engine to idle freely while your vehicle is stopped. In time, clutches naturally wear down and clutch cables stretch and need adjustment to continue working efficiently and reliably.


Periodically, your vehicle’s clutch will wear out and cease being an ineffective connection between your engine and transmission. When this thing happens, it must be swapped out for a new one. Clutch replacements are complex jobs that can involve removing the entire transmission and other components to access the clutch. Trust our mechanics for this job – we have the equipment and experience needed to perform a precise clutch repair on any type of vehicle.


Manual transmission allow a vehicle’s driver to control its clutch and gear shifting actions. Manual transmissions need routine inspection, maintenance, and repair to continue working properly. We offer our clients manual transmission repair services, from routine transmission fluid flushes to minor and major repairs of any transmission component.


Your transmission has a finite lifespan and will eventually wear out beyond repair. When it comes time for your transmission replacement, there is no better place to come than SWFL Experts Automotive. Our trained and experienced mechanics will remove your old transmission and install a high-quality replacement as accurately and efficiently as possible.