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Tires are completely responsible for transmitting the forces of accelerating, braking, and steering to the surface of the road. They are actually your vehicle’s most important component for safety, performance, and efficiency. Having the right tire that are properly installed, balanced, inflated, and rotated, is one of the most critical parts of routine auto maintenance.


Our tire experts at SWFL Experts Automotive are happy to educate every customer about their tire needs and choices. We can help you understand exactly what size tires your vehicle needs and the best tires to choose for your goals with performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and wet-weather driving.


We offer our clients expert tire installation services, removing your old tires and mounting your new tires with speed and precision. After the installation we reattach your wheels to your vehicle securely so you’ll drive away with safety, efficiency, and performance.


After installation, your tires will need to be balanced carefully to ensure they rotate smoothly at any speed. To do this, we use our state-of-the-art computerized systems to analyze the weight distribution in each of your wheels and tires. Then, we use wheel weights to correct any balance issues with the highest levels of precision.


Most vehicles on the road do not distribute their weight evenly across all four wheels. This can cause  your vehicle’s tires to wear differently, especially as your front tires must often handle the weight of the engine and the forces of accelerating, braking, and turning. This is why rotating your tires regularly it is very important.


Modern tire rubbers are tough and durable, but they’ll never be totally resistant to punctures, tears, leaks, or tread loss. Anything from a nail or screw to a sharp rock, broken glass, or any pointed debris can put a hole in your tires and keep them from holding the proper air pressure. Just bring your flat tire to our auto repair shop in Cape Coral Fl and our technicians will advise you on the proper tire repairs to perform.

SWFL Experts Automotive is your trusted source for tire sales, installation, balancing, rotation, and repair services in SW Florida. Our tire experts and mechanics are here to help you with anything from selecting the right tires to keeping them properly inflated and performing for thousands of miles. We are the one stop shop in Cape Coral Fl for your vehicle’s tires.