SWFL Experts Automotive

SWFL Experts Automotive is pleased to offer a wide range of automotive services to ensure your vehicle performs optimally. In addition to repairs for all makes and models we advocate preventative maintenance on vehicles as well as offer a variety of specialized services. Our highly skilled mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure we fix your car right the first time.

  • Air conditioning repair including the NEW r1234yf and r134a systems

Our professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair the components in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Working AC keep you cool and comfortable on Florida’s hot days, and a proper heater system will warm you on cold winter nights. It’s about more than just your personal comfort! It’s also about your safety, focus, and concentration as a driver.

  • Car wash and full detailing

When it comes to car wash and  detailing, at SWFL Experts Automotive we keep a step above the rest with our state of the art equipment and custom blended compounds. 

  • Electrical Diagnostics

You need a mechanic you can trust!  If your vehicle seems to be having any electrical problems, the dedicated professionals at SWFL Experts Automotive are ready to hear from you. We focus on an honest, transparent, service-centered approach that keeps our customers confident in Us

  • Tire installation

SWFL Experts Automotive offers expert tire installation services, removing your old tires and mounting your new tires with speed and precision. After installation, we reattach your wheels to your vehicle securely so you’ll drive away with safety, efficiency, and performance.

  • Tire rotation

Most vehicles on the road do not distribute their weight evenly on all four wheels. This causes your vehicle’s tires to wear differently, especially as your front tires must often handle the weight of the engine and the forces of accelerating, braking, and turning. This is  why rotating your tires regularly it is very important.

  • Wheel Alignment

Alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension – the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires which affects how they make contact with the road. It is important to keep your wheel alignment in check, the consequences of misalignment can also play out in overall vehicle performance.

  • Tire Repair

Anything on the road from a nail or screw to a sharp rock, broken glass, or any pointed debris can put a hole in your tires and keep them from holding the proper air pressure. Just bring your flat tire to SWFL Experts Automotive, and our experts will advise you on the proper tire repairs to perform, from patching punctures to retreading full sections of damaged tires and beyond.

  • Balancing

After installing your new tires to your car’s wheels, they’ll need to be balanced carefully to ensure they rotate smoothly at any speed. We use state-of-the-art computerized systems to analyze the weight distribution in each of your wheels and tires. With  SWFL Experts Automotive balancing services, you’ll enjoy a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride.

  • Air conditioning and heating

When AC system break down, refrigerant leaks. Not only is refrigerant harmful to the environment, it is also harmful to your car. Leaking refrigerant can damage your vehicle’s evaporator and compressor. Getting your car air conditioner service at the first sign of trouble will save you money and time. Come today to SWFL Experts Automotive  for an AC service repair before any damage spreads.

  • Brakes

Keeping your vehicle’s brake system functioning properly is the key to your safety and the safety of your passengers and the others on the road. Our certified mechanics specialize in inspecting, servicing, and repairing all components of braking systems on all types of vehicles.

  • Diagnostics

SWFL Experts Automotive has a full range of automotive Diagnostics and evaluation services. If you have any problems with your car’s AC, brake system, tires, engine, transmission and other related, our mechanics are here to help you get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

  • Driveability issues

Do you have the feeling that something’s just not right with your car, especially with the way it is running? It may be a good time for your cars drivability diagnostics. Drivability refers to anything having to do with how your car is performing while on the road. From the fuel system to affected components, ignition, distributor, exhaust system, brakes, tires, suspension. At SWFL Experts Automotive we assure you with the proper diagnostics, and  the problems will be zeroed in on and solved before they become a major issue.

  • Shocks steering and suspension

Your car’s shocks, steering and suspension are among its most important systems, affecting performance, comfort, safety, economy, and much more. These systems also take a lot of punishment every time you drive, from speed bumps to wholes and down to normal accelerating and braking. Over the time, shocks, steering and suspension parts will begin to wear down, lose their effectiveness, and even fail outright, causing a broad range of issues with your car. At SWFL Experts Automotive we offer full-service maintenance and repair of all shocks, steering and suspension systems on vehicles of all types and sizes.

  • Belts and hoses

Belts and hoses play key roles in many major systems on your car, including the engine cooling system, air conditioning, alternator, radiator, heater core, and more. Because they are constantly exposed to heat, vibrations, chemicals, and stress from normal driving, belts and hoses have some of the shortest lifespans of any component on your vehicle. Routine inspection and replacement of your belts and hoses will keep your engine running properly and your car driving smoothly and efficiently.  We are the one stop auto repair shop in SWFl and our mechanics have the training, skill, and experience needed to inspect, service, and replace all of the various belts and hoses on your vehicle.

  • Engine and transmission repairs

At SWFL Experts Automotive we have the cutting-edge equipment and team of certified mechanics  needed to identify your car’s engine and transmission problem and fix any issue accurately, quickly, and affordably. Our mechanics will plug our computers directly into your OBD system, evaluate the fault code or codes, and advise you of the problem and all of your repair options for your car’s engine and transmission.

  • Engine Replacement

Your vehicle relies on its engine for everything, so when the engine starts to go bad due to mileage, time or mechanical failure, you will want to replace it as soon as possible. Our technicians are experienced with all types of engine replacement. At SWFL Experts Automotive we supply car replacement engines to meet any need, including budget, make/model, horsepower and torque requirements and more. When it’s time to replace an engine, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for everything your car need.

  • Transmission Replacement

The transmission is one of the most important parts of your car, allowing your engine to deliver power and efficiency at any speed. Transmissions are designed with an array of gears that engage and disengage as required by the speed and load conditions. If you are in need of a transmission replacement, SWFL Experts Automotive is the right partner.