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Your car’s AC systems are designed to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature and humidity no matter what the temperature outside. A working AC keep you cool and comfortable on hot days, and a proper heater system will warm you on winter nights.


Auto air conditioners force cabin air through a filter to purify it as well as lowering the humidity to reduce that hot, sticky summer feeling. When you use your defroster to blow condensation off of your windshield, you’re actually activating your car’s AC to cool and dry the air and speed up the defrosting action. That means your car’s AC keeps you comfortable, and ensures you can drive clearly.

Our experienced mechanics at SWFL Experts Automotive have the in-depth training and state-of-the-art equipment needed to check your car’s AC system, find any issues that might be present, and fix everything for optimal function.

Signs Your Car’s AC Might Need Maintenance

There are a number of signs you can recognize that might tell you your air conditioner needs to be fixed.

  • Blowing Warm Air – If you’re running your AC at the max level but still feeling hot, just bring your car to our auto repair shop in Cape Coral Fl for a fast, affordable diagnostic and consultation.
  • Blowing Condensation or Vapor – Sometimes, car’s AC can be blowing vapor condensation or steam into your car’s cabin. If the problem doesn’t go away after you deactivate the AC for 10 or 15 minutes, it could indicate a larger problem.
  • Strange Smells – ongoing foul or musty odors from your AC might mean there’s mold growing inside the system.
  • Weird Noises: Worn out components in your AC system can cause noises ranging from chirps and squeals to banging, rattling, and beyond. If you turn on your car’s AC and hear something that does not  sound right, come immediately for service.
  • Compressor Not Kicking On – Your vehicle’s AC system uses a compressor connected to your engine to chill the air. If you switch on your AC and hear absolutely nothing, you’re probably in for a hot ride. Just bring your car and we’ll find and fix your AC problem fast.


The heater uses the heat that’s naturally produced as your engine runs to warm the inside of your car without taking any extra engine power. It blows air through a heater core filled with hot engine coolant that has circulated through the engine block and then redirects that heated air into your car’s cabin.

SWFL Experts Automotive has offered auto heater inspections, diagnostics, maintenance, and repair services for many customers in Cape Coral Fl area.